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Arkansa case you missed it, the August issue of Vanity Fair features an impressively bleak and depressing article, with a title worth a thousand Internet clicks: Traditional dating, the article suggests, has largely dissolved; young women, meanwhile, are the hardest hit.

Tinder, in case you're not on it right now, is a "dating" arkansas sex hookups that allows users to find interested singles nearby.

If you like the looks of someone, you can swipe right; if you don't, you swipe left. It's just like ordering online food, one investment banker tells Vanity Fair, "but you're ordering a person.

Here's to the lucky lady who arkanxas up arkansas sex hookups that enterprising chap! The women, meanwhile, express nothing but angst, detailing an army of dudes who are rude, dysfunctional, disinterested, and, to add insult to injury, often worthless in the sack. On a recent Arkansas sex hookups, Tinder's Twitter account--social media layered on arksnsas of social media, which is never pretty--freaked out, issuing a series of 30 defensive and grandiose statements, each nestled neatly within the required characters.

The Vanity Fair arkansas sex hookups, huffed a third, "is not going to dissuade us from building something that is changing the world. Of course, no hookup app's late-afternoon Twitter rant is complete without a veiled reference to the brutal dictatorship of Kim Jong Un: It's the darnedest thing.

On the following Wednesday, New York magazine accused Xrkansas of inciting "moral panic" and ignoring inconvenient data in her article, including recent studies arkansas sex hookups suggest millennials adult exhibitionist stories have fewer sexual partners than arkansas sex hookups two previous generations.

When you look at the big picture, he writes, it "isn't so different from what our grandparents did. So which is it?

Are we riding to heck in a smartphone-laden, relationship-killing hand basket? Or is everything the same as it ever was? The truth, I would guess, is somewhere down the arkansxs.

Certainly, functional relationships still exist; on the flip side, the hookup culture is clearly real, and it's not doing women any favors. Here's the weird thing: Most modern arkansas sex hookups will never admit that last part, even though it would genuinely help women to do so.

If a woman publicly expresses any discomfort about the hookup culture, a young woman named Amanda tells Arkansas sex hookups Fair, "it's like you're weak, you're not independent, you somehow missed the whole memo about third-wave feminism.

It comes down to the following thesis: Sex is meaningless, and there is no difference between women and men, even when it's obvious that there is.

Arkansas sex hookups is absurd on a biological level alone--and yet somehow it gets a lot of takers. Hanna Rosin, author of The End of Menonce wrote that "the hookup culture is Arkansas sex hookups it suggested that men and women were different, and that rampant, casual sex might not be the best idea.

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Here's arkansas sex hookups key question: Why were the women in the article continuing to go back to Tinder, even when they admitted they got literally nothing--not even physical satisfaction--out of it? What were they looking for?

Why were they hanging out with jerks? We need to puzzle out why women have made more strides in the public arena than in the private arena. Well, we could puzzle arkansas sex hookups out, but I have one theory: This isn't about "gender inequality" at arkansas sex hookups, but the fact that many young women, by and large, have been sold a bill of goods by modern "feminists"--a group that ultimately, with their reams of bad advice, might not be very feminist at all.